6 Main Heroines Who Absolutely Want to Monopolize Me
6 Main Heroines Who Absolutely Want to Monopolize Me
By 酒煮核弹头
51 Chapters
2 Reviews
「Having fewer possessions is better. Both material things and relationships.」 Shinichi Hirakawa, a minimalist high school student who only socializes with the minimum number of people, is set to participate in a love study abroad program. The program provides a perfect environment with unlimited funds for living expenses, and he will be living with six bride candidates――The catch is that he has to reject them one by one sequentially! The candidates include an idol, an actress, a YouTuber, a childhood friend, a stepsister, and an ex-girlfriend, each with a unique approach to wooing him. Shinichi is troubled by the task of determining who should be eliminated from these spirited and diverse beauties. However, everything changes when an anonymous accusation surfaces, claiming――『Someone among us is cheating!』 Thus begins a love comedy where Shinichi decide the losing heroine, a romance built on the premise of rejection!

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