A B*tch Inside and Out
A B*tch Inside and Out
By Not Cold, 傲寒不寒
15 Chapters
1 Reviews
[This novel does not represent good moral values, and the author writes all kinds of b*tches.] Story 1: [Scheming b*tch] She fell in love with her roommate’s boyfriend (1v1, both are virg*ns, HE, first person). Inferiority complex, scheming girl × proud man Story 2: [s**tty b*tch] Cousin ×Cousin’s boyfriend (1v1, ML is a virg*n, FL is not a virg*n, HE, third person). Gu Xing Yan has a s*x addiction, and everyone loves her. Warning: There is a scene where the FL and the second male make love. The heroine is really s**tty and is not a good person.

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