After Being Thrown Out by My Stepmother, My Former Sister Pounced on Me
After Being Thrown Out by My Stepmother, My Former Sister Pounced on Me
By Addict
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“Get out.” It was spring break’s last day, and he was only a freshman. Still young, his stepmother had announced his eviction. Akito Iwaki was kicked out without a word of caution, and began scraping a living by himself. However, scraping by was hard. He had to earn money for his tuition, his living expenses, and even rent. The bills led him to work at construction sites up until the dead of night. His unhealthy, albeit necessary lifestyle encumbered him with severe sleep deprivation, which resulted in two sunken dark holes beneath his eyes. These blemishes caused Yuto Matsuyama, the school chairman’s son, to label him with the nickname “Disgusting Panda.” Not long after, he was prey to bullying. Worn and sick of these cruel days, he contemplated dropping out. However, as he lay at the bottom of the barrel, his former stepsister and school Madonna, Saki Mizumoto, came to visit his shoddy apartment. She then pressed Akito to date her in exchange of his father’s bank book. Despite the advances, he said he couldn’t possibly see Saki as a member of the opposite sex, given all the time they’d spent together. Brushing his worries aside, she would pursue and make him aware of her charms no matter what. In the end, he was forced to agree to a relationship. This is a story about a faltering boy, powerless before a girl’s advances. His health would improve day by day, and one eventually, he’ll serve them all right.

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