After Her Crush Pretended To Be Hypnotized By Her
After Her Crush Pretended To Be Hypnotized By Her
By 酒煮核弹头
3 Chapters
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Timid and lustful little white rabbit female lead x pretending to be innocent but scheming possessive male lead Qin Xiaoyu has always been secretly in love with that dazzling teenager. He is the most beautiful cloud in the sky, while she is as humble as mud on the ground. She hides in the crowd and secretly watches him sweating on the basketball court, and taking the first place in the city on the award podium. There are countless girls who admire Huo Sichen, but she is just the most ordinary one. She thought she could only hide her secret love in her heart for the rest of her life, but she accidentally downloaded a hypnosis app. Qin Xiaoyu didn’t believe it at first, but unexpectedly she really hypnotized Huo Sichen. The perfect boy in a white shirt stood in front of her, completely obeying her orders. Qin Xiaoyu originally just wanted to look at him like this without fear, but she didn’t expect her greed to increase a little bit. From just looking at him at the beginning, to not being able to resist kissing him, to finally hiding in the school’s utility room and being pressed against the wall and wildly f*cked by him. The male lead’s pov: Huo Sichen noticed the girl very early on. She was like a little white rabbit, blushing at the slightest glance from him. She was clearly there to steal a look at him, but always pretended to pass by casually. As time went by, Huo Sichen became more and more interested in that peeping rabbit. Until one day, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the hypnosis page on the little rabbit’s phone. He pretended to be hypnotized by her and wanted to see what she would do. But what Huo Sichen didn’t expect was that she would stand in front of him s*upidly and look at him timidly. Later, Huo Sichen deliberately seduced her, tempting her to fall step by step. Huo Sichen originally just wanted to tease her, but in the end he became addicted to this little white rabbit.

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