Be Strict on Honesty
Be Strict on Honesty
By 酒煮核弹头
26 Chapters
22 Reviews
Yang Juan, an honest man, was entrusted by his current roommate to play a female account in the game and engage in online dating. During the day, he focused on his lab work, during the night, he assiduously played as a soft and gentle girl. He kept his fake persona in mind the whole time. His online partner wanted to see his photos. He asked his former roommate to ask his girlfriend about the name of the store she frequents. He bought a dress and a wig online to ship overnight and took photos to send to the partner. Then the photo was accidentally leaked on the internet, a well-known beautiful player in the same server posted on the forum that what he wore was a knockoff and showed the price on her authentic lolita dress in her large wardrobe. Not knowing that there was a difference between knockoff and generic, Yan Juan, the honest man, blushed with shame. The next day, he received a large express delivery from his online partner. The box was filled with new Japanese brands dresses. Most of them were cute styles like the ones shared by that female player. After checking the clothes’ price, the honest Yang Juan. who only intended to deceive the other’s feelings and not his money, was stunned. Gong who is a frugal assistant at an internet cafe in the eyes of the honest man x shou who is an honest soft and cute girl in the eyes of the rich young master.

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