Don’t Be Afraid, Let’s Do It Together (E-sports)
Don’t Be Afraid, Let’s Do It Together (E-sports)
By 酒煮核弹头
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Xie Yao is a game anchor who quickly rose to fame on Shark TV. He is skilled and witty, often coming up with clever remarks on the fly, such as “Real men don’t play support”, “If the child doesn’t learn, it’s the father’s fault. If you guys are bad, it’s my fault”, and “Did you raise a dog? Go ask your dog at the door how to play this game.” During one of his live streams, Xie Yao got into a heated argument with his viewers and was constantly criticized. Just as he was about to give up, a wealthy benefactor suddenly appeared in his chat room. The benefactor sent a message with a flashy spaceship effect that said, “Want to add me on WeChat?” Xie Yao replied, “Which serious anchor adds WeChat to viewers?” But without a second thought, the benefactor sent five more spaceships. Xie Yao said, “Okay, okay, thank you so much. I’ve sent you my WeChat ID in a private message. Please feel free to visit again next time.” However, when Xie Yao added the benefactor on WeChat, he found out that the benefactor was actually the captain of the prestigious team SUS, Jiang Song, a god-like man. So Xie Yao and the god-like man played together during a live stream. Jiang Song said, “You pick Yao, and I’ll go with Fei.” Xie Yao, who never played support, was surprised and said, “Okay, bro.” Several months later, Jiang Song was invited to attend a competition as a special guest, while Xie Yao was invited as the new king of the platform. During the exhibition match, Xie Yao impressed the audience with his skills. Afterwards, a reporter asked Jiang Song, “What was your first impression of the new king of the platform during the exhibition match?” Jiang Song answered very seriously, “He’s very soft.”

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