He Is So Spoiled
He Is So Spoiled
By 酒煮核弹头
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Everyone in Beijing knows that Gu Chen is extremely difficult to deal with. It seems that nothing in the world enters his eyes, cold and ruthless, those who go with the flow prosper, those who go against it perish. Unfortunately, he is the most powerful and wealthy of the aristocracy and can cover the sky with one hand. Countless people come forward one after another and stretch their necks to get closer, thinking to themselves, what if they can catch his eye? People in the aristocratic circles of Beijing: “…Isn’t it better to just stay alive?” Even the members of the Gu family themselves keep their distance from this gentleman, and it’s amazing how much fear they have… It wasn’t until several entertainment industry executives and directors were invited to Mr. Gu’s dinner party that a group of people stood anxiously outside the hotel door, eagerly waiting for Mr. Gu’s car. A certain director rushed forward ahead of the waiter to open the car door and warmly welcomed, “Mr. Gu–” But before any complimentary words could escape his lips, he was silenced by a chilling glance. The legendary man who could command the winds and rain with a flick of his hand lowered his head and spoke softly, luring and coaxing, “Baby, tired? Shall I carry you upstairs?” The boy is delicate and beautiful, and his voice is soft and sticky. “No, go away, you’re blocking my way,” the young boy said firmly. ✬ Su Nuo is a newly debuted 18th-tier celebrity. One day, he found a small black dog and took care of it by feeding it, giving it water, fighting for it, and moving for it. He gave all his love and dependence, which he had never given to anyone in the past 18 years, to the dog. Until one day… The little puppy turned into a big bad wolf and dragged him back to its den to devour him.

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