The Baddest Villainess Is Back
The Baddest Villainess Is Back
By 酒煮核弹头
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My execution had been decreed, and thus, I met my demise. “To kill you as a villain would be a bit of a waste.” “How about it? I want to give you a chance.” No, I thought I was dead. But was it because of what the enemy-like guy said just before I died? ‘Gerun, that son of a b*tch…!’ When I opened my eyes, it was ten years ago. And in a different world! * Since I’ve already come back to life, there’s nothing I can do about it. To avoid repeating the foolish past, “Give me everything from here to there.” “…You’re going to buy all of this?” I used that enemy-like guy as my wallet, “Well, I heard from my friends that my dear granddaughter likes shopping so much, and that you act cute, too.” “It’s just because I need a wallet. “……” “Father, I’m going to attend a party. Can you escort me?” “…Of course. But are you alright with me?” “Yes. As long as you dress up nicely.” Even the once-broken family relationship was splendidly restored. “…Roxelyn, if I tell you I like you, will it make you uncomfortable?” “Then, shall we date for just six months?” “…Pardon?” The business of love, which I had once already given up on, had also started perfectly. It was the perfect future I had hoped for… “Rox, you also have an Abyss.” Even to someone like me who thought I was incompetent, power awakened within me. As such… The Baddest Villainess Is Back!

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