The Top Marksman is Reborn [E-Sports]
The Top Marksman is Reborn [E-Sports]
By 酒煮核弹头
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The League’s top marksman, Cheng Che, is reborn and goes back in time three years. After being humiliated, he ends up on the streets, until he is picked up by Lin Xingling, the captain of DCT Esports team, who brings him home with a string of AD milk teas. Later, Lin Xingling buys Cheng Che back to the team with his own wife’s dowry and five million yuan scraped together. On Cheng Che’s first day with the team, he is assigned to share a room with the captain. Unable to sleep at night, he sends an anonymous question: “Is it safe to live with other teammates?” Hottest reply: “It’s safe. Just cover yourself with a blanket and sleep tight.” After one month with the team, Cheng Che becomes unstoppable in the league, but he feels intimidated by Lin Xingling alone and asks for help: “How can I appear obedient in front of others?” Hottest reply: “Be yourself, and you’ll be the most obedient cub.” After one season with the team, Cheng Che wins the Autumn Championship in the professional esports arena, and he asks: “How can I make the man I live with (love) me?” Hottest reply: “Take a shower and go to bed.” Following the advice, Cheng Che takes a shower and waits for his captain in bed. However, Lin Xingling tucks him in and leaves without fulfilling his expectations. “What should I do if my husband doesn’t love me anymore?” Hottest reply: “Cute cub, you’re too young for me to do anything, but believe me, I really love you…” (Click to load more) OP’s response: “Don’t comfort me anymore…” Latest reply: “OP, take a closer look at that highly upvoted reply. I seriously suspect that’s your husband, aahhhh!!!” In his second chance at life, the strongest wild dad, Lin Xingling, gives up his jungle position and transitions to support, becoming a true milk dad. He spends all his savings to buy back the future top marksman, hoping to lie back and let him carry. However, he realizes something is off when he sees the way the child looks at him… Until one day, the child sits on the bed, all clean and innocent, and Lin Xingling can no longer bear it. He turns around and leaves him alone in the room. Child: “What should I do if my husband doesn’t love me anymore?” In his response, Lin Xingling reveals his true feelings, only to find Cheng Che standing behind him. Cheng Che: “You bought me with your wife’s dowry, so I am your wife.” Lin Xingling chuckles lightly: “If you were a few years older, I would have…” But the child furrows his brows: “You’re lying. Three years later, you’re still not with me.” Lin Xingling: “???” You have a new question waiting for an answer: “What should I do if I realize the person I’ve been raising as a cub from my childhood, is also someone who has been reborn?” — [Reading Guide] — Double rebirth sweet story. Stuttering receiver (ADC) × fatherly gentle attacker (support). The author’s reference to a self-created version of KPL after the autumn of 2018, with privately devised match schedules. The professionalism is average. Emotion-driven story. I’ll add more if I think of anything. Daydream literature. Don’t get too caught up. If there are inconsistencies, I’ll compensate you.

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